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SDR Radios

The software I use is SDR-Console V2, it is superb and interfaces perfectly with my Kenwood TS-850S, enabeling both radios to be tracked together.

A small switch box enables me to connect the audio outputs from either radio to the main station loud speaker as well as switching the SDR aerial between the Welbrook Loop and the RX antenna output of the TS-850S.

I also use SDR Server V2 making access to both of my SDR receivers available over the internet.

I currently have 2 SDR receivers, the main one is an Afedri SDR-NET.

It’s a low cost unit but with the huge advantage of having an Ethernet interface as well as USB, up to 2Mb bandwidth is available when using Ethernet.

SDR Screen

My second SDR receiver is a SoftRock Ensamble III, it comes as a kit, quite fiddly to make as there are 4 transformers and 12 inductors to wind as well as the surface mount components.


Although not much to look at, don’t be fooled, it performs very well for it’s size and cost.

SDR Screen3

The connections to the PC are USB for frequency control and I/Q into an M-Audio delta sound card running at 96Khz bandwidth.

I find for this radio SDR Sharp software is easier to use than SDR Console as the display is much easier for me to read.